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The Hardware

The Royal City Baseball League (RCBL) began playing in 1992 and is mindful of its past. As the league has developed, we have introduced additional trophies to honour outstanding members and outstanding performances.

As the outstanding performers continued to grow, the RCBL formedHall of Fame to honour players, coaches and league developers.

As our league continues to expand in numbers and talent, it is our hope that our hardware will continue to grow to reflect such talent in the RCBL.





The Billy Craven Memorial Award

Presented to the league MVP and named after Billy Craven, a tireless baseball organizer in the City of Guelph. Billy passed away during the 2006 season and meant a lot to the progress of baseball in Guelph and touched many of our players personally.

2019 recipient: Aaron Loder, Brew Jays
2018 recipient: Michael Clouthier, Brew Jays
2017 recipient: Pat GrierBrew Jays

2016 recipient: Jamie ColemanArms
2015 recipient: Erik Vallesi, Outlaws
2014 recipient: Chris CartileArms  & Corey Fischer, Philthy's
2013 recipient: Mike Durigon, Young Guns
2012 recipient: Brendan Higgins, Arms
2011 recipient: Jamie Coleman, Arms
2010 recipient: Erik Vallesi, Young Guns
2009 recipient: Scott Jones, Blues
2008 recipient: Paul Thomason, Blues
2007 recipient: Mike Durigon, Young Guns
2006 recipient: Ben Robinson, Blues



The Diamond Award

Presented to the most outstanding pitcher in the RCBL. Scott Diamond was born and raised in Guelph Ontario and on July 17, 2010, Diamond made his major league debut for the Minnesota Twins. On July 27, 2012, Diamond pitched his first career complete-game/shutout against the Cleveland Indians. In the start, he allowed only three hits and struck out six batters as the Twins won 11–0.

2019 recipient: Shaun Hancock, Outlaws 
recipient: Shaun Hancock, Outlaws
2017 recipient: Mike Clouthier, Brew Jays

2016 recipient: Chris Greer, Brew Jays

2015 recipient: Kyle Burnett, Bucs

2014 recipient: Greg Hosker, Outlaws

2013 recipient: Jeff Robertson, Arms

2012 recipient: Jeff Robertson, Arms

2011 recipient: Jason Muller, Gentlemen

2010 recipient: Phil Villhauer, Blues

2009 recipient: Phil Villhauer, Blues

2008 recipient: Brent Donaldson, Brewers





The Willard French Memorial Award

Presented to the RCBL playoff MVP and named after Willard French. Willard was a coach for the Coyotes and always had time for the RCBL. Willard was always seen grooming the mound and advising his players. He was respected by his teammates and colleagues on other teams.

2019 recipient: Aaron Loder, Brew Jays
2018 recipient: Justin Ciccia, Brew Jays
2017 recipient: Pat Grier, Brew Jays
2016 recipient: Graeme Copeland, Arms
2015 recipient: Cam Toth & Kyle Stirling,
2014 recipient: Richard Horne, Arms

2013 recipient: Kyle Stirling,
2012 recipient: Jeff Robertson & Kyle Stirling, Arms
2011 recipient: Jason Muller & Andrew Fairful, Gentlemen
2010 recipient: Erik Vallesi, Young Guns
2009 recipient: Cam Toth, Arms
2008 recipient: Dan Moore, Dirt Bags
2007 recipient: Brandon Buck, Dirt Bags
2006 recipient: Ryan Pembleton, Dirt Bags
2005 recipient: Angelo Muto, Blues




 The Fred Thompson Championship Trophy

 Following the RCBLs inaugural season in 1992, Fred Thompson was named as the RCBL League President/Commissioner. Fred was key factor in developing and expanding the talent in the RCBL.

2019 - BrewJays
2018 - The Arms

2017 - BrewJays

2016 - The Arms
2015 - The Arms

2014 - The Arms

- The Arms
2012 - The Arms
2011 - The Gentlemen
2010 - The Young Guns
2009 - The Arms
2008 - The Dirt Bags
2007 - The Dirt Bags
2006 - Squirrel Tooth Blues
2005 - Squirrel Tooth Blues
2004 - Squirrel Tooth Blues
2003 - Squirrel Tooth Blues
2002 - Jesse's Coyotes
2001 - The Shakespeare Arms
2000 - Real Deal Blues
1999 - Pidel Red Devils
1998 - Pidel Red Devils
1997 - Pidel Red Devils
1996 - Wally's Blues
1995 - Wally's Blues
1994 - East Side Mario's
1993 - Boomers
1992 - Portly Penguin


David McGowan Memorial Award - Sportsmanship

The RCBL was blessed with David McGowan's presence for many years as both our League commissioner and Brewers Center-fielder. McGowan always took the field with a smile on his face and was the first player across the field to talk to opposing teams. David was taken from us far too soon after a courageous battle with cancer. The David McGowan Memorial Award for Sportsmanship is awarded to a player that illustrates true sportsmanship on and off the field.

2019 recipient: Thomas Greenwood, Athletics
2018 recipient: Dave Aubrey, Arms
2017 recipient: Marc Sgrignoli, Blues
2016 recipient: Mike Fellner, Brewers

Isabella DiBucchianico Memorial Award

This award is given in a year when a member of the RCBL displays extraordinary dedication to improving the sport of baseball in the league and the community.

2013 recipient: Paul Kerins, Brewers
2010 recipient: Dean Yundt, Blues
2009 recipient: Todd Ashley, Blues


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