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Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame is for the best of the best and the greatest of the great. By extension, a hall of famer is someone who leaves an indelible mark upon the game with which they are involved, or upon those with whom he has played, both with and against.

This is the RCBL Hall of Fame as chosen by the RCBL Hall of Fame committee.

FRED THOMPSON - Builder (Class of 2004)
BRAD DICARLO - Builder (Class of 2004)
DOUG THOMAS - Builder (Class of 2004)
SHAWN DUNSMOOR - Player (Class of 2004)
DAVE MILLER - Builder / Player (Class of 2004)
WILLARD FRENCH - Coach (Class of 2004)
TIM NOORLAND - Player (Class of 2004)
LEE PICOLLI - Player (Class of 2004)
JON McDOOLING - Player (Class of 2004)
CHRIS KERR - Player (Class of 2006)
AARON CARSWELL - Player/Builder (Class of 2006)
BILLY CRAVEN -- Builder (Class of 2006)

TODD ASHLEY - Player/Builder (Class of 2014)

DONATO DiBUCCHIANICO - Player/Builder (Class of 2014)

TODD HEBERT - Player (Class of 2014)

SCOTT JONES - Player (Class of 2014)

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